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Sando over at The Daily Deelight is such an inspiration with her endless new recipes.  I’m a person who likes baking: where every ingredient must be measured out precisely or the whole thing is thrown off.  I’ve never really understood people who can just throw this and that into a pan and presto, chango! you’ve got the best meal ever.  Sando is one of those people where cooking just comes naturally (her husband is so lucky!!)  Go check out her deelicious recipes!

Summer is just around the corner. I can see/smell/hear it! True story, when I was a child I literally thought when someone said, “___________ is right around the corner” that if I could just get around a certain corner in downtown Frederick where I grew up (East 2nd + Market St.), “it” would be there. To say I was a gullible/literal child would be the understatement of the decade. But it does bring me to an important point about summer: it is about all the nostalgic moments for me. Summer was when I’d have my teacher-mom all to myself– everyday. It was all about girly days at the lake or by the pool, followed by fresh- deelicious meals in the evenings. Summers are still so special for my husband and I. Both being busy teachers—we savor our summers and all its sun-shiny glory. Here are a couple of my favorite summer treats, both old and new that I look forward to this summer [in 4 weeks…but who’s counting?!].

me + momma–circa 1989.

Palm Beach, FL

1. San Pellegrino Aranciata is one of those tasty, refreshing beverages that just makes you feel like you’re on some fancy European beach somewhere. It’s zesty + light and is just the essence of a summer drink to me. 2. Did someone say Crab Chips? Sign me up! This Maryland girl does not shy away from anything Old Bay seasoned…especially not potato chips. Old Bay is the MD seasoning; it’s our claim to fame. And I’m proud of it! These are best-enjoyed poolside with a tasty [adult] beverage to wash down the robust-fiery flavor. 3. Strawberries don’t get much more beautiful than this folks. Wanna know why?? They’re local. And that only happens in the summertime. There’s something about locally grown produce that warms my heart and makes it taste that much better. Serve these up over ice cream, with biscuits and whipped cream, or blended into a lovely strawberry sauce like this one I made to go over Nutella Wontons.

4. Dry Shampoo. This is a new one for me. Not sure what rock I’ve been living under to miss this great invention/ beauty secret, but none-the-less I’m just now discovering and loving this stuff. It will be perfect for summer days when you are showering 2-3 times a day between working out, pool time, and going out at night. This offers a great alternative to root-boosting volume and oil absorption. 5. New Products!! Something about summer just means a trip to CVS or Target’s cosmetic aisle to try the latest and greatest new thing. My latest and greatest thing for summer [products wise] is Bethenny’s Skinnygirl cosmetics. I recently got her Body Shimmer and Plumping Lip Gloss {in Ruby Red} and I already addicted to both. The Body Shimmer is made out of olive oil and jojoba oil so it smells incredible {not like fake+bake} and it adds just a hint of color and shimmer to your bod. Yes, please! And the lip gloss is just lovely ladies {and gents}. It adds a little ummph to your pucker and isn’t like molasses making anything + everything it comes in contact with stick to it.  6. Summer is when the magazines pull out the big guns. They have the best recipes, shopping guides, and advice columns of the entire year. Not to mention, all the fabulous gotta-have-of-the-moment fashions for the season. Magazines and sunshine are two things that bring a huge smile to my face anytime, but especially in the summertime.

What are your favorite things for summer?

I’d love to hear from ya over @ the daily deelight.

And remember don’t hate on teachers for having summers off…

you could’ve been a teacher too 😉

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