Price of Admission

I traveled through Spain with my friend since the sixth grade, Brianna.  Let’s just say if we could make it through the middle school years together we can make it through a week traveling in a country where we don’t speak the language.  I’ll spare you [and my dignity] photos from middle school.  You can just take my word on it.

Somewhere along the line we missed the memo that everyone travels around Europe with expired Student ID’s.  The conversations would go like this:

Do you have a Student ID?


You don’t have a Student ID?


Do you have an old Student ID?

Yeah… no.

Do you have something that looks like a Student ID?

We’re going to have to go with no.

As it turns most of the attractions are free or deeply discounted if you had a Student ID.  Unfortunately for us we haven’t been students for a while so we sucked it up and paid full price.

While in Seville we toured Alcazar, one of Europe’s oldest in use castles.  We also had lunch with a stray cat and chased wild peacocks.  Hey- we had to get our full price worth, right?

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