Cabo de Gata

Brianna and I decided that while in Spain we wouldn’t spend all of our time in the big cities, but try to get off the beaten path a bit and go places that weren’t so touristy.  We drove three hours on the edge of a mountain with breathtaking views all around to get to Cabo de Gata.  It’s in Spain’s National Park and has both desert and beaches.  In fact it has the only desert in all of Europe.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome.

We drove quite a while on bumpy dirt roads to reach this beach, where Indiana Jones had been filmed.  It certainly was worth the drive and did not disappoint.  However, the guide books don’t tell you that this town turns out to be pretty darn close to a ghost town.  For anyone looking for lots of peace and quiet (let me emphasize lots) this is the place to go.  For two girls traveling around Spain it might not be the best option.  So, I guess we were being a little over zealous with our “off the beaten path” plan.

There was literally one person in the town that spoke English and the conversation went like this:

Me: Are there any beaches with lounge chairs and drink service?

Her: No.  This isn’t Miami.

Hmm, okay.  Everyone hates Americans.  Got it.


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