Metropol Parasol

In true tourist fashion, Brianna and I decided to spend one evening watching the sunset from atop the world’s largest wooden structure.  It costs just over $1.50 to go up to the top, which has got to be the best deal in all of Europe.

Everything in Spain happens on a different schedule than I’m used to.  I tried to get Starbucks one morning at 8:30am and it wasn’t open yet.  A Starbucks.  Not open.  At 8:30 in the morning.

Stores are closed from 2-5pm, except “5pm” really means “whenever we feel like reopening” which was always closer to 7pm.  But don’t worry, they still close promptly at 9pm.  We tried about 6 times to make it to a grocery store during their open hours and managed to fail every time.

No one eats dinner until 11pm.  Including small children.

Beer costs $1.  ONE DOLLAR.  That’s all you need to know.  Book your plane ticket now.

Then sun also is on a completely different schedule.  These pictures were all taken at almost 10pm.

Also known as my bedtime.


  1. Sounds amazing, love the pics!

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