Seen Around Spain

Just a couple random shots from around Spain.  We spent a good amount of time at the building above on two different tours.  It’s MASSIVE and was built to welcome Americans to Spain, an apology if you will.  But it was built right before The Great Depression so it was never really visited and used for its intended purpose. I didn’t hear much else of what the guide was saying- I was too busy trying to capture how beautiful this building is.

The pork hanging from the ceiling?  At a gas station.  No lie- we pulled off the side of the road because we were starving and ended up at the nicest gas station restaurant we’d ever seen.  Not to mention there were views that went on for miles.

This little kitty came up to us while we were eating lunch at the cafe in the castle grounds.  He literally would not go away and kept making attempts to leap up into my chair.  We named him Fernando (Nando for short).

Bike touring around Seville.  We expected to have a huge tour group and to stay back and take seven gazillion photos like we’d done on all of the other tours but we show up and it’s just us, the tour guide and an old lady.  Half way through the four hour tour (FOUR HOURS!!!) the old lady’s bike completely broke.  We were about this close from the ghetto, starving and exhausted.  The tour guide suggested we walk back to the bike shop (oh, about five miles away), get a new bike and resume the tour.  OH NO WAY.  Not gonna happen.  I ended up running around the block and renting an extra bike so we could continue the tour before I died of hunger.

Not pictured: the tapas I devoured every 2 to 4 hours.  They were too delicious to let sit for an extra second to get a photograph.  I’ve been dreaming of some of the cheesy dishes we had and every time hubs asks what I want to eat I say, “tapas”.  Oh yes, Spain and I could be very good friends.

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