Pink Potted Plants

Hubs and I decided that our balcony needed some finishing touches in the form of potted plants.  Of course we couldn’t just throw some plants into a pot and call it a day.  We headed to IKEA and bought these grey planters.  Then drove to our friend’s house so we could borrow his backyard and get our spray paint on.  A little tape, a little spray paint and these babies were good to go.

While I was in Spain hubs chose out all of the flowers on his own.  You know, with the very specific list of pre-approved plants that I gave him.

We also picked up these over the rail planters that we decided would be the perfect spot for our herbs.  This is our very first attempt at growing anything on our own, better yet in tiny little pots.  I’m pretty excited about being able to grab some mint on a warm summer evening and put it in my lemonade.  Or my vodka lemonade.  Tomato, tahmahto.

Now we just have to try to make sure Brady doesn’t think these new plants are an invitation for him to mark our balcony.



  1. I just recently took some acrylic paint to a few of my dull brown ones and it looks great in the window. I’ve been repainting a lot of stuff lately to just add better pops of color in a room. 🙂

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