Brady: The Hoarder

Last week when hubs was away on business I gave Brady one of his favorite chews so maybe he would forget about how sad he was that his papa had left.  He took it into the bedroom and I never saw it again.

Hubs comes home and I tell him I’m pretty sure Brady hid it in the bedroom, but I can’t find it anywhere.  Reminder: we live in a SMALL apartment.  Things don’t easily get lost.  Hubs set off to investigate and ends up finding the chew buried in the middle of a pile of clothes in the back of the closet that I’d set aside for Goodwill donation.

We’re not quite sure who Brady’s hiding these chews from.  This is a one dog household after all.  I don’t know if or how Brady ever got the impression that we would want to steal his precious chews (that we gave him).  Little man is crazy.


  1. Bill Remmert says:

    Dogs bury bones, it’s in their nature. Women shop for shoes.

  2. lovely! I really like it!

  3. Our dog buries bones all the time. And she’ll move them too. So one day, it will be in a corner, a couple days later, we’ll find it behind a couch cushion.

  4. All the dogs we’ve had over the years have done that, but our current dog, Coco the CuKoo Chihuahua, will go from room to room in the evening looking for a good hiding spot, then eventually jump up on the sofa with one of us and stick it in our pocket, behind us, under the pillow we’re leaning on, etc. We’ll never find it there! LOL

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