Coney Island

After the Wonder Wheel we strolled lazily around the boardwalk, ate a hot dog at Nathan’s and watched our friends play in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament.  Coney Island has seriously kept its loveable and freakish charm.  The people watching alone is enough to occupy you for a week.

Yes, that’s a blue dog.  Brady should be so grateful I didn’t enter him in that costume contest.

The colors, the food, the smell and sound of the ocean all work together to make this place unforgettable.

Next time we’ll just have to remember to not walk by the freak show.  Let’s just say Brady was not amused.


  1. That’s something special!!
    Follow each other? 🙂


  2. Blue dog = amazing.

    $100 Shopbop GIVEAWAY

  3. Merridith says:

    Looks like it’s super hot there!

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