A Day Upstate

Last  weekend Brady and I went upstate (which is basically what I call any part of New York State that requires driving through New Jersey to get to).  We were going to my friend Kelly’s house to celebrate her birthday.  Not only does Brady love Kelly but Brady loves Kelly’s house.  She’s got a cat to chase, a yard to sunbathe in and tall grass behind her house to frolic in.  He kept running off into the tall grass only to come out a minute later with the world’s biggest smile on his face. He was such a happy boy.

And I got Macaroni Grill on the way home, so I was a happy lady.  I know I shouldn’t but it’s just so good I can’t help myself.  I’m constantly “encouraging” hubs to go out of our way on road trips so that I can pick up Macaroni Grill.  I know- I’m fancy.

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