Last Week in iPhone Photos

Who can complain about an amazing family week at the beach?  There’s been lots of sun, ice cream, walks on the beach and swimming for Brady.  That dog loves to swim.  I’ve been letting him run in the muddy water that he loves so much and then clean off with a swim in the bay.  The smile on that dog’s face is seriously priceless.  Yes, life is good.


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    It has been a fabulous week! Thanks for sharing it with us? We are so blessed!

  2. wow the horse!

    ~Art a la Rue
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  3. Merridith says:

    Brady’s kind of like the Travelocity gnome, stick him in pictures of your trip to make it more fun.

  4. Our 2 year old Labrador Retriever LOVES the water, and we are in OC quite often. Where have you taken Brady swimming? We have gone to Fennwick Island State Park to the small little dog beach there, but poor Daisy has to be on her leash, and she gets a little nervous with bigger waves. Would love to know!

    • Not sure where you’re located, but we rented a beach house on the bay side in Chincoteague, VA which he loved (and also had no waves). Up in New York we normally drive him to Larchmont, which is about half hour outside the city and has a really nice fenced in dog beach. They can be off leash there and there are minimal waves. He loves it!

      We’ve also just taken him in random streams and ponds at local parks- whatever we can find, really. The dog loves swimming!!

      • We are in the DC suburbs but a lot of the streams and such in our area say no swimming =( They used to have a dog beach at a park in Annapolis but they had to close it down due to overuse. I think there is one more spot a bit farther north that we may have to try out when you know we find a minute 😉

        I’ll have to check out Chincoteague! We usually stay off of 120th street on the bay side in Ocean City.

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