Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Conversation between me and the hubs:

Hubs: Did you see that photo?

Me: Oh yea, it was on Pinterest.

Hubs: I’m not surprised.  I assume everything women do now comes straight from Pinterest.

Me: Ouch.  But yea, that’s true.

In an effort to try new baking techniques I too took to Pinterest for some new ideas.  I came across this post about baking shapes into the center of cupcakes.  It was surprisingly easy and I was pleasantly surprised when mine actually turned out.

A brief rundown:

Dye and bake 1/3 of the batter as a sheet cake, cut into desired shapes and stand in the cupcake liner (filled with a little bit of the regular batter).

Surround your shape with the other 2/3 of the batter, coming about halfway up the shape.  Remember, it will rise!

Decorate and enjoy!

I’m totally sold on this.  Compared to the tedious process of cake pops this was a breeze.  I plan on finding as many opportunities as possible to bake random shapes into my cupcakes.

Anyone else have a Pinterest success?


  1. Madalyn says:

    These are so beautiful! How did you make the frosting look so nice?

  2. The cupcakes turned out so adorable!

  3. Fab tutorial, thanks for sharing. Which icing tip did you use for the frosting? what type of frosting did you use?


    • I used Wilton 2D tip and also Wilton White Decorator Icing (dyed pink with the color gels). I always keep a couple jars of that icing on hand in casein in a pinch and don’t have time to make from scratch. It’s quite thick, so great for piping!

      Thanks for reading!

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