Frozen Vodka Raspberry Lemonade

Last night Kelly came over to keep me company since hubs is still away on business, and being the awesome host that I am I whipped up a little frozen cocktail. It may have been just an altered version of my other favorite drink, Vodka Cranberry Lemonade.  It seems I may have a problem that involves vodka and lemonade.  But mostly vodka.

I based my recipe off of this one I found through Pinterest.  (Where else would I find a recipe??  A cookbook??)

Frozen Vodka Raspberry Lemonade

1.5 cups frozen raspberries

1 can frozen lemonade

1 can water

1 tray ice cubes

1/2c – 3/4c vodka, depending on how strong you’d like it

Seriously so easy.  And delicious.  It makes a whole blenders worth, so this is definitely a great party recipe.  Anyone else have a favorite go-to cocktail or frozen drink?




  1. Merridith says:

    6.5 weeks til I can have one, not that I’m counting.

  2. Holy yumminess Joan! These sound delish! Bethenny would be proud 😉

  3. This looks so good, and the photos are really nice looking.


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