Ice Cream Brownie Bites

As soon as baking goddess Bakerella posted these “Brownie Sundae Bon Bons” I knew I had to make them.  Except Bakerella is the queen of baking and makes them look like an effortless task.  They are not.

First you fill a candy molding tray with candy melts.  I swear, this looks so easy but was unexpectedly difficult.  I’m sure there must be an easier way to fill these.  I first piped some chocolate into the mold, then shook it to try to get it even but the chocolate just ended up flying all over the kitchen.  So then I just started individually going around each mold and distributing the candy.  I’m not gonna lie, this took a while.

After painstakingly filling the trays I put them in the freezer to set.  It looks beautiful.  It felt painful.

Then I put a tiny bit of ice cream into each square.  Once you’re past the ice cream step you’ve officially completed the hardest parts.  The rest is a cake walk. (Ha. Ha.  Baking joke.)

Then put a tiny bit of caramel on each…

(I used 2 different shape molds- the bigger one was definitely easier!)

Finally they were topped off with a bit of brownie and more chocolate candy melts.

I froze them overnight and finally they were done.  I have to say they were successful and they were delicious but they were definitely tedious.  But mostly they were delicious.


  1. Filling candy molds is so tedious!! I think you could use a tiny brush to kind of “paint” the molds since you just want the candy on the sides and bottom. Anyway, I am starring this – looks awesome 🙂

  2. These are outrageoussss!!!!! AND I nominated you for a Liebster. Check. It. Out!

    • We don’t do Halloween at our house. But, I do take candy to work for when the employees’ chilerdn come through. I definitely buy stuff I like to eat as it is one of the few times I’ll allow myself to eat candy. Reese’s, mini KitKats, ohmygoodness. Peanut M&Ms are healthy b/c they have nuts…right? 🙂 Get what you want to eat. If you are going to take in calories, relish them. And, you can freeze leftovers for emergencies or to make cookies (you know, make cookie dough like for chocolate chip cookies and instead of chocolate chips, chop up your favorite candies).

  3. Dayumm!!

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