Between the Hours of 5am-7am

It’s safe to say that the most exciting parts of this gal’s day happened before 7am this morning.

1. Brady started crying at 5am to go outside.  This has NEVER happened.  Little man can hold his bladder for days.  So when he wakes me up to go out, I’m taking him.  FYI, there are surprisingly few people at the park at 5am.

2. I get back in bed and with only 45 minutes until alarm clock time I roll over and start looking through my emails.  Email #1 alerts me that the most amazing boots I had ordered from Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale have been canceled.  And they’re sold out everywhere.  Wahhh I’m devastated.  And also mad.

3. An email came through from my insurance saying I owed a ridiculous amount of money.  There is no doctor name or service date on the invoice, so I am confused.  I finally figure out that this is just an Explanation of Benefits for a cavity I had filled a year ago (and already paid said ridiculous amount).  I’ve been dealing with insurance for the last year, since they kept billing an expired policy under my maiden name instead of my current policy with my married name.  Really, you’d think I was the only person to ever get married, legally change their name and get a new job.

4. On Brady’s second walk of the morning (6:30am) a drunk homeless man came up and started badgering Brady.  This scared him so much he managed to squirm his way out of his harness and run down the sidewalk.  Thankfully, he stood in place and waited for me to come get him and we were fine.  But yea, it was scary.

So here’s to the rest of the day being a very uneventful Thursday.


  1. Time to buy Mace?

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