Brady’s New Tempurpedic

Last week hubs and I got a new mattress, which of course required laying on what seemed like endless mattresses before finding the right one.  It was all very Princess and the Pea.  Hubs really took this to heart and caught a couple z’s along the way.  I snapped photos and giggled.

Naturally when the mattress actually made its way into our apartment Brady was the first one to test it out.

After testing the new mattress he took extreme interest in the discarded mattress pad.  Like, sat on it every chance he got.

So that’s when hubs decided that we should dispose of the cheap pillows in Brady’s bed and replace it with the mattress pad.  We were going to throw it away anyways, so why not let Brady live in the lap of luxury?  Not that he didn’t already live in the lap of luxury, but let’s look past that.

Hubs did a little measuring, a little cutting and voila!  Brady’s bed now has its very own custom fit mattress.

Brady lovesss his new bed.  But I think I can no longer pretend that he’s really not that spoiled.


  1. That is one spoiled dog. Good work!

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