Dog on a Stump

I’m not quite sure how my obsession with forcing Brady to stand on tree stumps came about, but it’s become somewhat of a game.  A game for me, not Brady.

Looking back through all of my photos makes me realize just how many stumps I’ve made Brady stand on.  It does make me feel just a little bit bad for the guy.  And then I remember how cute he looks standing on tree stumps and I don’t feel all that terrible after all.

But yea, I should probably slip him some extra treats tonight.



  1. these photos are adorable. i love your sparkly skirt. : )

  2. Cute doggie! I don’t think I could get my dogs to sand on a stump long enough to get a picture. You must have a well trained dog 🙂 If you get a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo

  3. So adorable! I am a sucker for doggy photos, and I love these. Cute blog, I follow you now. I myself just started out, come on over, follow if you like, xx

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