Comfort Foods

Over the weekend I did a considerable amount of baking, including good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies.  Every Sunday growing up my mom, sister and I would make cookies and then they’d be our treat in our lunches for the next week.  I decided to go back to the good old faithful Nestle Toll House recipe that we used to make when I was a kid.

Which of course reminded me of the Friends episode where Monica is trying to figure out Pheobe’s grandmother’s cookie recipe, only to find out she used the one on the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip packet.  Classic.

Secret tips for making them extra delicious: use room temperature butter (let sit out, do not microwave), mix by hand (a mixer will over mix and then they won’t be nice and fluffy) and take them out of the oven a minute early.

And also, don’t tell my mom I shared her secrets.


  1. What a great tradition! I can’t wait to do this someday with my kiddos. And thanks for the extra cookie-making hints 😉

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