The Twinsies


My mom and Aunt Joan (also known as “The Twinsies”) came to stay with me the last couple of days.  Earlier in the summer I had given my mom a list of dates hubs would be traveling, so she could come and we’d have a bit more space to spread out.  And none of those dates worked for her.  Between her seemingly endless beach trips there was barely any time left over.

I’m so glad they managed to make it up here.  Mostly because they spoiled me (and Brady) by taking him on extra long morning and afternoon walks.  I never realized how nice it is to just wake up in the morning and get ready without walking the dog for 45 minutes first.  Or getting home from work and just being able to sit down and relax.

Between spoiling the dog in the morning and afternoon The Twinsies also went to Times Square, saw Cirque du Soleil at Radio City, walked the Highline, toured the 9/11 Memorial, explored Soho, got massages, manicures and pedicures and did a considerable amount of shopping.  Oh, and re-cleaned my [already clean] apartment.  These two better hurry up and get back to work so they can relax.


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