And then it was Monday

Sunday night as hubs was heading out to pick up some groceries for dinner we got a call from our friend Brian saying he had extra tickets for The Mets game.  Considering we’re boring married folk and had nothing else to do we immediately said yes and a couple minutes later were en route to the game.

Now, hubs and I generally go to our fair share of games, but Brian goes to multiple games a week.  He knew more ins and outs than I even knew were possible.  As soon as we were in the gate he headed to the Designated Driver booth, where you get a free soda for signing up.  Even better- it’s Pepsi!  Anyone offering this Pepsi lover a free one is my new best friend.  So we both signed up and went on our way.

Next thing I know we’re sitting there watching the game and I hear my name being called over the stadium speakers.  I look up to see my name on the Jumbotron.  Apparently I’d won Designated Driver of the game.  Everyone in my section started cheering for me, which was a tad embarrassing, but fun none the less.  I got a free Mets polo for winning (in a slightly too large men’s size XL).

All in all not a bad game.  Free tickets, free Pepsi, free shirt.  Oh and free tote bag (the giveaway of the game).  And then it was over and it was bedtime and then it was Monday.  Womp womp.



  1. How exciting! Congrats!

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