Last night hubs and I went to a party to learn more about a new non-profit, umama.  One of our good friends Jessica is behind the organization, and I have to say I was incredibly amazed to see her passion for the women of Uganda.  The idea behind umama is to provide micro loans to women in Uganda to help them start businesses.  Except what sets umama apart from other micro-loan organizations is that it doesn’t stop at the loans.  They also provide financial education and care for pregnant mothers and their children.  And the best part?  They match whatever the women put into savings ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.  If someone promised to match my savings account I know I’d start working my butt off and putting every spare cent into the bank.

Jessica is getting ready to take her third trip to Uganda to continue her efforts.  You can follow umama on Facebook here and donate here.  I know I can’t wait to hear how this new organization will change the lives of women and entire communities in Uganda.

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