Pattern Mixing and Bad Dance Moves

I wore this mash up of patterns to my sister’s baby shower.  I realize that not everyone likes the “I threw every blue pattern I own on today” look, but it made me happy, so I went with it.  I also realized that I wear this blue gingham shirt every chance I can get, which is quite odd considering it’s a piece I’ve had for a couple of years.  Why did I not buy it in every color when I had the chance??

This handsome little man is my cousin, Mekhi.  Every time I see him he somehow convinces me to do something ridiculous.

I promise you that my dance moves are just as bad in person as they appear in that photo.

I’m guessing he uses that adorable smile to get me to do whatever he wants.  Kid’s a smartie.

Mekhi invited me to go home with him so I could go to his yard sale the next day.  Apparently he planned on selling his mom’s purses so that he could buy himself a cell phone.  As much fun as that sounded I had to pile back in the car and head back to New York.  But it was definitely sweet to get to enjoy some laughter and bad dance moves while I was home.


  1. I love this outfit! I would have never thought about putting all of this together, but it turned out super cute.
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