Brady’s Bedtime Routine

A couple of years back when hubs and I were buying our bed frame and headboard we had one requirement: that it be extra low to the ground.  We don’t love sleeping on a low bed for fun, rather it was for Brady.  Not so he could get on the bed more easily, but so that he wouldn’t get stuck under the bed.  His favorite thing to do at bedtime is jam himself under the bed, where he will fall asleep.  Then when he wakes up at 2am and realizes he’s stuck he starts whimpering until he manages to wake me up and get me to pull him out.  So we fixed the problem by getting a low to the ground bed making it impossible for him to crawl under.

Needless to say when we go to my parents house the first thing Brady does at bedtime is jam himself under the bed.  The first night we were home I woke up to his 2am whimpers, pulled him out from under the bed and then started crawling up the bed back to my spot.  Except the room was pitch black and I didn’t realize I was at the very edge of the bed.  Next thing I knew I had fallen off the bed and was laying next to it with all fours up in the air.

But don’t worry- hubs slept peacefully through the entire episode.


  1. I took the opposite approach. When I got my new bed, I got it with more clearance underneath so that Otto could get under it without doing the weird side-Army-crawl thing that ruined the carpet under the bed in my old bedroom. Of course, now that he can easily fit under the bed and I have an area rug under it to protect the carpet in my new bedroom, he has chosen not to sleep there anymore.

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