Lawrence Farms

This weekend Brady and I took a trip to visit Kelly out in the country.  Hubs was in Denmark for the last week, so instead of sitting home all weekend I decided I’d take Brady on a mini-getaway.  Basically Brady gets to run around in Kelly’s back yard and I get to relax.  And then go to Target.  It’s really a win-win.

Just up the road from Kelly’s house is Lawrence Farms.  They have nearly every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable and it’s all “pick your own”.  I ended up taking home some corn, plums, apples, green beans, raspberries and grapes.  And I spent less than $10.  Amazing.

If I lived nearby I would definitely stop in there for “it doesn’t get fresher than this” produce on a regular basis.  I had to show some serious restraint to not pick every little thing we passed.  However, I did lack a bit of restraint in the “let me sample this right now” department.


  1. Bill Remmert says:

    Love the boots!

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