Bath Time

Last week after I got back inside from walking Brady I was giving him a tummy rub and noticed a little bug bouncing around his belly.  I’d never actually seen a flea, but this certainly matched all the descriptions of what I’d heard.

I ran out to the local pet supply store where the old man working there all about told me the world was ending.  I left the store with two different types of cleaners, a flea brush and a bunch of treats for the dog.  I got home and ran the brush all over Brady not finding any fleas or flea residue.  Since hubs was away Kelly volunteered to help me bathe the dog and clean the apartment.

We stuck Brady in the bath for his first ever bath since he was a puppy.  Every bath he’s had since then has been a quick hose down because this little guy hates baths.  Put him in a lake and he’ll swim his heart out.  Put him in a bath tub and he’s just about as upset as can be.

Meanwhile we stuck every washable item in the wash- duvet, pillows, Brady’s bed and towels.  We vacuumed the carpets and steam cleaned the floors.  After washing the dog and deep cleaning the apartment we sat down exhausted.  As we’re eating dinner I say, “Look Kelly!  Another flea!!!”

She turns to look at me and says, “Joan…that’s a gnat.”

Oh.  Whoops.  At least the apartment is nice and clean though.


  1. OMG I would do the SAME THING! UGH! Lambeau hates baths but he takes it. Then he runs around like a crazy pooch and messes up every pillow and blanket!

  2. Jean Remmert says:

    OMG!, you make me lol! I’d say poor Brady but I feel more sorry for you doing ALL the work!

  3. HA!! this is hilarious. and sounds like something I would totally do too! yay for a clean apt?!! 😉


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