Brady’s New Love

Brady’s a bit of a loner when we go to the dog park.  At most, he’ll sniff a couple of dogs and then get back to playing with his toys.  He’ll fetch as far as I can throw, and for as long as I can last.  Often times I find him wandering off to find men who will throw the ball for him.  Smarty pants has figured out that I can’t throw and he’d rather go find someone who has a better arm.

Well excuse me.

Insert: The Chuckit.  It’s not a new invention.  It just looks dumb.  Basically, it’s a ball launcher.  I’d seen people at parks with them since Brady was a puppy, but was never inspired to be one of those people.  Until one day, Brady refused to play ball with me and instead took it time and again to a woman using a ChuckIt.  So I caved and bought one.  And holy heck, does it launch the ball.  It throws it clear across the park with little effort on my end.

And a bonus: I don’t have to bend over to pick up the ball.  So now I’m that dumb looking woman walking into the dog park with the ball launcher.

But I’ll take it.  I can be lazy and wear Brady out all at the same time.  Double score.


  1. Good timing too! Once you start “expanding,” leaning over like that might not be such a good idea – you might tip over. 😉

  2. I just love that Brady always looks so happy! His ears are floppin in the wind and his tail is waggin! Just gotta love him!

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