Week 14

Oh look at that.  Is it a new week?  I guess that means I can talk baby again.

I’ve been photo documenting my “bump” since week 4, having no idea at the time that my bump would just decide to never grow.  But I’ll keep taking pictures with the hopes that one day I’ll have a bump big enough for someone to offer me a seat on the subway.

Thanks to my lack of bump I could have definitely kept the pregnancy under wraps a while longer.  But I’d had about enough awkward work and social situations where I had to pretend I was drinking (including one time where I had to pretend to go to the bathroom so that I could chase our waitress down to tell her no vodka in my vodka-tonic).  Oh, and that time I came into work hysterically crying after having the most beautiful sonogram.  Yea, that was fun.

It’s way more fun being able to share our excitement with everyone, anyways.


  1. I am so happy for you and your hubs! You are still so tiny, of course you don’t have a bump! haha I’m sure it will come eventually 🙂 But you look great!


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