Wait Listed

Well, it’s official.  Bean is on his or her very first wait list.  I’ve been having an awful time finding daycares that will accept newborns, better yet ones that don’t have wait lists.  Or ones that aren’t like a million miles from my apartment.

Last night Jon and I toured our very first daycare and signed Bean up for the wait list.  After the tour I got home and started crunching the numbers only to realize daycare will literally cost as much as our rent.  As much as our very overpriced NYC rent.  Even though I’ve known all along how much daycare will cost per week, it just seems so much different to add it up and see how much it’s going to cost in a single month.

So I did what any expectant mom would do- I had a beer.  Just kidding.  Jon had a beer and I smelled it.  It smelled really lovely.

We’re officially accepting applications from any of Bean’s grandparents who would like to retire and come sleep on our couch.


  1. There is a daycare center where I live, not sure if they accept new newborns though. I’ll let you know at the dog park.

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    OKAY …. since you put it that way … I’ll do it!!!!! Oh how I wish I could .. I’d be there in a FLASH!! What fun we would have …

    Tell you what … I’ll do it for HALF your rent and retire from my job … how does that sound! LOL

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