Week 15

On our way home from dinner last night I forced Jon to follow me on a quick detour into the local produce stand.  No, I didn’t have a pregnancy craving, I simply wanted to take a picture with an orange.  Totally normal, right?

Each week Jon and my parents ask me how big the baby is, in fruit terms of course.  This week baby is as big as an orange.  Not that anyone would ever be able to tell from my lack of baby bump.

I do have the teeny tiniest bump forming, but yea… still really nothing.  And the bump watch continues.


  1. yea baby orange!!! Yes. No one knows you’re pregnant sans bump, so perhaps you should start wearing shirts like this on the subway so you can get a seat: http://www.footballfanatics.com/NFL_Philadelphia_Eagles_Maternity_Shirts/Reebok_Philadelphia_Eagles_Ladies_Black_Draft_Pick_2030_V-neck_Maternity_T-shirt

  2. Jean Remmert says:

    lol! Thanks for keeping me updated on my grandchild!

  3. You are too cute! My SIL is 18 weeks right now and has been taking her weekly side-shots with the approprite fruit/veggie for baby size reference. Adorable idea!

  4. I literally had to look up what a kumquat looked like at 10 weeks, lol. You look fabulous.

  5. The corn on the bag dispenser really completes this for me for some reason.

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