Brady’s First Baseball Game

Saturday was “Dog Day” at The Mets.  Having missed past opportunities to take Brady to a game I stalked The Mets’ website until the tickets went on sale.  You buy a separate ticket for your dog, and they even get their own seat.  All proceeds go to a local animal shelter, so not only did we get to take Brady to his first baseball game, but we felt good doing it.

Before the game they let all of the dogs walk around the field.  I’m pretty sure that was Jon’s favorite part of the day.  Brady quite enjoyed getting to pee on all the sod patches that were set up around the stadium for the pups.

Overall the game was a blast.  We had amazing weather and The Mets actually won (although it was a bit iffy there at the end).  As much fun as we had, I’m pretty sure Dog Day is one of those “been there, done that” things.  Baseball games are a whole lot less stressful without my favorite four legged friend in tow.


  1. I wish the Orioles would do the same thing! Although I think it’s safe to say I could only take one of my dogs because the other hates all living things and that’s probably not much fun at a ballpark.

    • It was definitely stressful before they let us walk on the field- they corralled all the dogs into one tiny area and made us wait for about 15 minutes. The dogs definitely started getting really antsy. Luckily no dogs got into fights, but the tension was growing. After that we could spread out and it was fine. But yea, I think that was our first and last Dog Day!


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