Gender Reveal Cake Pops

Jon and I had plans on Wednesday to see a group of our friends.  Since they all knew we were finding out the gender of our baby that morning they decided to turn it into a mini gender-reveal party.  Everyone wore either pink or blue, and out of 8 people only 2 wore pink!

I baked some cake pops ahead of time, but since I didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl I made the majority of them vanilla and dyed only a couple of them pink or blue.

I had decorated all of the cake pops the same, but had been careful to separate the blue and the pink ones until after we found out that we’re having a girl.  I put the blue ones aside to be eaten after the announcement, and mixed the pink ones in with the vanilla ones.

(Note: I did not ask them to dress up, they decided that completely on their own.  Yes, our friends are awesome.)

Then everyone took a bite…

I think everyone was pretty surprised to see the pink cake inside the pops.  It was definitely sweet (ha, get the pun?) to get to celebrate baby girl with our friends.  Having a group of adults voluntarily dress up in pink or blue reminds you just how awesome your friends are.


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    So sweet! What great friends! How creative you are to reveal that you are having a girl with your delicious cake pops !!!!


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