TV Baking Magic

Saturday I took a “Macaroon and Madeleine” class at the French Culinary Institute.  One of my friends had signed me up as a gift, which was awesome because it’s something I would have never thought to do for myself.

The class was really great, except I would describe it as, “TV Baking”.  As in, you do a couple of steps and wah-lah!  You’re done!  They had one main chef giving instructions while five assistant chefs put our macaroons in the oven, monitored them and took them out.  All ingredients were pre-measured and as soon as we were done one thing we’d listen to the head chef while the assistants cleaned our work stations and got us set up for the next thing.

So basically I looked like a rockstar when I brought a box full of macaroons (both the American and French types), madeleines and almond cookies to a party later that night.  Jon seriously couldn’t get enough of the macaroons and kept hinting all weekend how good they were, and would I ever want to make more?

Need I remind him I’m currently a bit busy baking a child as well?

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