Apple Picking

On Sunday Jon and I drove upstate for a little apple picking.  We had planned on going later in the month, but apparently apple season was cut short this year and this was the last weekend for picking.  Considering apple picking has been on my fall to-do list since forever, Jon obliged and off to apple picking we went.

(Side note: I may have also used apple picking as an excuse to drive an hour and a half because the orchard is right by one of my favorite Italian restaurants.  Which is when Jon pointed out that I made him eat Italian four times last week.  I’ll go ahead and blame this one on pregnancy cravings.)

Jon ended up having to scale the trees since the majority of the apples were already gone.  I enjoyed spotting the most hard to reach apples and encouraging him to climb up and get them.

I tried to climb the tree, but it was a horrible disaster.  I like to think I resemble Katniss here.  Apple picking is very similar to the Hunger Games.

We took a mini detour so Jon could pick some grapes.  Which he still has yet to eat.  But he had to have those grapes…

And then went to the pumpkin patch to pick up this year’s pumpkin.  Considering I bought last year’s pumpkin at the grocery store around the corner I’d call this a big step up.

I’d say we had a fairly successful trip to the orchard.  And an even more successful trip to that Italian restaurant.


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    Looks like a productive day if ever I saw one! Great weather for it too! Looks like you had a blast!! Love the juggling! Hope he didn’t bruise those apples while juggling!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I’ve been following your blog for a little bit and love it. Congrats on your baby girl! And I love your apartment posts. I made my husband figure out how to make the industrial curtain rods like you made. They are great! I was wondering I love your jeans in these photos..where did you find such cute skinnys?


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