Behind the Scenes

This was the original “letting the balloon go” picture that Jon and I shot.  Notice anything different about it?

Look closer.  The pink balloon is the one we pretended to let go, not the blue balloon.  We shot these photos two days before our ultra sound, so at this point we still didn’t know if bean was a girl or a boy.

By the time we got to taking this shot, we’d been taking pictures for a while and had quite a few people stopping to watch us.  Since we were pretty convinced that baby girl was actually a baby boy, I told Jon to just shoot the photo once.  I’d pretend to let just the pink balloon go and call it a day.

If baby boy turned out to be baby girl we’d just scrap that shot.  By then I’d had enough of being stared at (and having random people snap my photo) and just wanted to call it a wrap.  It was totally like one of those “Making the Video” episodes on MTV.  Except our budget was $5 for balloons and there was no catering.  Besides that it was identical.

Fast forward two days and we find out that baby is a girl.  Well, I guess we’ll scrap that shot.

That is, until photo genius Jon tells me he can just switch the colors of the balloons.

He changed the color of the one in my hand to pink…

And changed the color of the balloon we pretended to let go to blue.

Here they are side to side for an easy view:

Gotta love a little photo magic.  And a handy husband.


  1. I love it, except I keep thinking of the poor balloon floating in the air as actual littering 🙁 My tree-hugger status can really be a Debbie downer sometimes.

    • If you look closely I’m actually still holding onto the string of the top balloon. I refused to let it go (especially because so many people were watching, haha) so we just pretended to let it go. But I looked really dumb pretending to let it go over and over, so I just wanted to hurry up and get out of there!!

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