Week 18

What do we have here?  Is that a bump I see?

I’d had friends in the past say that when their bumps first started showing they felt exposed, and I didn’t understand.  But after wearing a pencil skirt last week and getting lots of bump attention I finally understood what they were talking about.

In the last couple of days I think I may have felt baby girl kick.  They say it feels like little flutters in your stomach, and I’ve definitely felt some flutters.  I’m just having a hard time determining whether the flutters are baby or my rumbling tummy.  Seems like as soon as I’m done eating I’m immediately hungry for my next meal.

Either way I’m chalking it up to a big baby milestone.


  1. Jean Remmert says:

    OMG!!! I see the bump! You are precious!!!!!!

  2. beautiful skirt! congrats on the bump…what an exciting journey!

  3. you are the most stunning pregnant woman i’ve ever seen. i just <3 you so much!! 🙂 so beautiful.

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