Apple Crisp

After apple picking last week I of course wanted to bake a little something.  My original plan was to make my very first apple pie from scratch, and then after googling I realized that apple crisp was about seven thousand times easier.  So apple crisp won.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been craving anything with apple and caramel.  I wouldn’t really call it a pregnancy craving- more of a fall craving.  I was just telling Jon how disappointed I am in my lack of pregnancy cravings.  At this point I’d expected to have sent him out on at least a couple of midnight runs.  Jon didn’t seem as disappointed as I was.  Strange.

Anyways, the apple crisp was amazing.  I sent the leftovers into work with Jon where they finished the entire tray before 10am.  Success.

(PS. I used this Betty Crocker recipe.)


  1. This looks yummy!!

  2. I have a great fun family favitore. Buy Pillsbury rolls and break them apart and bake as directed. In the meantime melt a stick of butter. Place approx 1 cup sugar and 2 tsp cinnamon in a brown paper bag. when rolls are cooked dip in butter and then shake in bag of cinnamon and sugar! Used to be a signiture dish xmas morning for my kids! Now I can make this recipe with my grandson.Love the photos

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