My Strange Addiction

I’ve been wanting a pair of camo pants for as long as I can remember, so when I saw these hit the fashion blog world I knew I had to make them my own.  Throw in a 30% off sale and I’m sold.  Literally.

I of course paired them with my favorite striped shirt, which Jon then pointed out I have three different versions of (short sleeve, long sleeve and maternity).  Literally the exact same shirt.  So I have a problem, big deal.  It could be worse.  Like, I could be addicted to eating the couch.  It’s a real thing.

Jon should be so happy I’m only addicted to stripes.


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    I am addicted to stripes too … my favorite top like yours is about ready for the rag bag so I need to find another!!! Stripes are good!!

  2. What, no link to the fab stripe shirt? 🙂

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