Busy Busy

Over the weekend Jon and I ran a bunch of errands that had been on our list.  We walked all around town, enjoying the perfect temperatures.  We checked things off our list like getting Jon new glasses (which are adorable), finding the perfect lamp for our bedroom (even got it on sale!) and some other odds and ends along the way.

We even popped in a baby store to look at a couple different strollers, but honestly the thought of picking one was too overwhelming.  I ended up sitting in a glider watching Jon play with the one that at the press of a button folds itself up.  It can also charge your cell phone and has a thermometer and speedometer built into the LCD screen.  No joke.  Definitely not the stroller for us, but it was fun to tinker with.

I’d call that a successful weekend.


  1. Merridith says:

    You look adorable! Looks like Paris! I can just imagine trying to get these shots between taxi cabs flying down the street!

  2. Jean Remmert says:

    I bet that stroller had a price tag to go with all the gadgets that it offered!
    On another note, you look GREAT! Xo

  3. You look adorable! I love this dress

  4. What about the rug?!? Xoxo

  5. Love love LOVE that ring!

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog today and although I usually like fashion blogs, I really like yours, especially since you live in the City too [:
    I was wondering what brand your boots were?

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