Week 21

Baby bump made quite a bit of progress this week.  I even had someone offer to give me their seat on the subway!  Seriously, it was a milestone.  Then on Sunday one of my neighbors I haven’t seen in a while asked if I was pregnant.  At more than halfway through this pregnancy people are finally starting to notice the bump!

In other news, we’re on storm watch along with the rest of the east coast.  The subway isn’t running and my office is closed so I’m enjoying some quality time at home with Jon, Brady and the baby bump.  I’ve had some serious urges to empty out every closet in the apartment to make some room for baby girl.  Still haven’t purchased a single baby item, but there’s still plenty of time for that.  Right??


  1. Was that bump there Friday?! You look great! Happy for some normalcy with a blog post!

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter. You look great!
    Here’s to all of you staying safe through Sandy. We’re hoping for a best-case scenario as my DH is supposed to run the NYC marathon on Sunday!

  3. Ahh, you look so cute with your little baby bump! Hope you guys are staying safe!

  4. You look great! Stay safe in the storm. How’s the pup handling it?

  5. Yay for a seat offer on the subways! Those are hard to come by. I hope you get many more during the second half of your pregnancy. Stay safe!

  6. Looking like a glowing mother-to-be! What no baby purchases yet?? Just let me know when we can go shopping and I’ll help make a purchase or two for our granddaughter.

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