One, two, three

Brady formed his obsession with these toys after stealing borrowing one out from another dog at the park.  He was so fascinated by our friend’s mini one that she ended up giving it to him.  Then I decided I should probably get him one more “his size” so I ordered the big red one online.  And he loved that one so much I just had to get him the medium sized one as well.  Seriously, he’s not really that spoiled.

If you could see the way he throws them up in the air gleefully and then chases after them you’d buy him as many as he wanted too.


  1. Brady is so adorable! Do they squeak? If they do I’m going to have to take Brady’s endorsement and buy one for my boys, but if it doesn’t squeak it will just be ignored. 😉

    • Oh they definitely squeak! Not sure if the small one had a squeaker because when we inherited it, it didn’t squeak. But the medium and large ones definitely squeak! They’re really cheap AND durable. Super win!

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    How fun!! I wish Butterscotch would play with toys like that. His obsession is plush toys that all he does is chew on except when I throw “Diggity” & he will chase it & bring it back to me. But otherwise he has no interest in those types of cute toys. He’d rather be “Sherlock” & sniff out the neighborhood!

  3. Bill Remmert says:

    Is there a future movie of this glee?

  4. Toby has a medium one so I guess that means when you come to visit , Brady will be going home with another new toy. Poor Toby!

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