Week 23

similar dress/similar scarf/ boots

This weekend I took baby girl on her very first girl’s trip.  She must have had a good time because she spent the entire weekend dancing around my belly.  We even got to see her jabs from the outside, which was a little strange and a lot amazing.  These past couple of weeks feeling her bounce around have been my absolute favorite.

For the most part I’m still fitting into all of my normal clothes, but I’ve formed a slight fascination with maternity pants.  Pants with an elastic waist band?  Genius.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to having to zip and button my jeans again.

Strangers have started to notice my belly, which has been really fun.  It may have taken over five months, but I’m finally starting to look and feel pregnant.  And I absolutely love it.


  1. All of a sudden you have a real (cute) bump 🙂 You look so cute! I love your outfit.

  2. Love the bump! I can’t wait to see it in person next week!! When can we start planning the baby shower?!

  3. Debbie Ball says:

    You look beautiuful! I just told Jon on the phone last night that you needed to wear something “form-fitting” & take a picture – he just chuckled as I’m sure this was already taken & ready to be posted! This REALLY shows baby girl!! Glad she had a fun time on your girls’ weekend! Glad she is a party girl! Marilyn & I had a “dance party” as she called it in the kitchen on Friday night when she stayed over. We had a Veggie Tales CD’s with all kinds of cool songs and we were dancing away!! Such fun!

  4. You look absolutely stunning! Glad your pregnancy is going well!

  5. Jean Remmert says:

    Once again, you look amazing! So glad Baby Girl is active and kicking! Best feeling in the world!

  6. Love the outfit – dress, scarf and boots! I am pregnant too (8 months) and I want to copy the whole thing! Care to share where you got the items??

    • Congrats on your baby! The dress is “Nom” (purchased off Gilt), scarf is old J.Crew and boots are Tory Burch. I know Old Navy has really similar dresses in their maternity line worth checking out as well.

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