And That’s Why Being Nice Will Cost You $2

(edited to add some photographic evidence,for those of you that were curious)

Yesterday I was in Starbucks at lunch time fulfilling a hot chocolate craving and was catching up on Facebook while waiting for my drink.  A woman came up to me and asks to borrow my phone.

I’m going to say, it’s a strange request.  She didn’t preface her statement with, “My phone died, can I borrow yours?” or “I left mine at home.”  Just “Can I borrow your phone?”

So I’m all, “Um… um… if you’re going to be really quick?  I have to go…”  She promises to be quick and I hand over my phone.

Seconds later my drink is ready, so I grab it and start waiting for my phone.  Meanwhile random stranger lady is chatting, chatting, chatting on my phone.  I’m trying not to be rude and all, “Um, lady- you said you’d be quick” so I just stare into space.  I didn’t want to stare at her, because that would be rude and my parents taught me manners.

So finally she hangs up and I reach over to get my phone and she holds up her pointer finger in a “one minute” gesture.  Um, what?

She proceeds to dial another number and then talk EVEN LONGER than the first conversation.

Finally, after nearly five minutes I get my phone back.  Standing in Starbucks staring into oblivion while waiting for a stranger to finish using your phone  just might be the longest five minutes ever.

I shove the phone into my pocket and head out the door.  When I get back to my desk I look to see what the second number that she dialed was.  FOUR ONE ONE.  THE WOMAN DIALED 411 FROM MY PHONE??

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  YOU MADE A CALL ON MY PHONE THAT IS GOING TO GET ME AN EXTRA CHARGE ON MY BILL???  (You should really thank me for not writing the rest of this post in capital letters, because trust me, I’m tempted.)

I quickly Googled how much a call to 411 actually costs.  A DOLLAR NINETY NINE.  That woman talked on my phone for five minutes AND charged a two dollar call to it?  SERIOUSLY, YOU’RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?

First of all, I have an iPhone.  And it’s 2012.  No one dials 411 anymore.  Google is literally at the tip of your fingers.  So is that pay phone across the street.

Secondly, she also had 411 text the phone number to my phone.  WHICH IS AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  Am I on hidden camera?  Who does that?

And you will never guess what number she looked up.  STARBUCKS.  I am not even making this up.  Standing in Starbucks she called 411 to get the number to Starbucks.

Sounds like this lady really needed her coffee.


  1. Wow, this is unreal! I’ve never heard of someone doing something like that, but there are all kinds. Unbelievable.

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    Next time your mother-in-law gives you permission to say your mom (m-i-l) won’t let you lend your phone to strangers. Smile – walk away. Sounds like she got her thrill for the day at your expense. Maybe the phone company will credit your calls. I’d at least try!

  3. She is a “jerky B” !!! You know, just the “B” word is not strong enough to express how much of an “unbelivable” person she is, a jerk infront of the “B *%$#” word would be about right. Unbelievable !!! Unheard of !!!

  4. That’s outrageously obnoxious to say the least! Call the first number she called, get her # from them, look her up and send her a bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why would anyone need to look up the number for Starbucks?! I can just imagine you standing there while she gives you the ‘one minute’ finger! Crazy!

  6. I would have carved a shank out of my Starbucks straw while I waited. Luckily you’re more patient than me and she asked you instead of me, because I wouldn’t be able to comment on this. I’d be in jail.

  7. Wow, that lady had some nerve! This totally reminds me… a couple of years ago I was on the bus on the way home, a sketchy looking guy asked a lady nearby to borrow her phone. She probably didn’t know what else to do but be nice so she handed it over. He then proceeded to call his DEALER! I kid you not. The few of us that were sitting nearby could not believe our ears and were looking at each other. Finally he got off the phone, made another call and tried to SELL the pills his dealer just promised him! I think we were all so flabbergasted that no one knew how to react. Craziness.

  8. WHAT!!!! The nerve!!! Where was the hidden camera? lol


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