Guest Posting at The Bump

I’m so excited to announce that I will now be a regular contributor to The Bump Blog.  Head on over there to see what I have to say about urban stroller shopping!


  1. Maureen in Brooklyn says:

    Perfect timing! H and I are going to check out strollers this weekend, and so far the Uppa Baby Vista is our front runner. Maybe that will change after testing them out in person.

    FYI, Giggle is having their friends & family sale this weekend! 20%! Hoping to get our stroller there this weekend.

  2. uhh strollers are by far the hardest baby option to figure out! I’m stuck between the options of the city select and the city mini GT for more all terrain wheels and more compact fold. decisions, decisions! I think there is no “perfect ” stroller for every situation, you just have o figure out which features overall are the most important. We also got the uppababy Gluxe as a nice umbrella stroller, to have a lightweight compact option.

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