Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Review

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This post is quite a doozy, and it took me a while to get up the energy to compile everything.  Fair warning: if baby stuff doesn’t interest you then you might just wanna skip this one…

I wanted to write a big blog post with a review of this event because when I was looking for information I couldn’t find *exactly* what I was looking for.  Here’s to hoping this helps out some other moms-to-be!

I had originally heard about the “Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower” from a friend a couple years back.  I remember she said how great of an event it was, and totally worth the admission price.  So when I saw something for it pop up on another baby site I started doing a bit of research.  I was already past the pre-registration date, so I paid $125 for my ticket ($100 if you get them early).  They do events twice a year in NYC as well as events in LA and Miami.

You can also buy a couples pass or an early admission pass.  I was perfectly happy with my standard pass.  The early pass got you early admission (obviously) and a Britax carrier.  Neither of those things were super important to me, and they even ended up letting me go in half an hour early with my standard pass.  Win!

I didn’t want to make Jon hang out in a room with hundreds of pregnant women, so I asked my friend Renata to come along (remember her from this post??).  She’s also due with her first baby in March, and happily agreed.

Okay, let’s get down to business.  Here’s all the stuff I went home with, broken down into what I thought were the most logical categories:

Diaper Pail:

-Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail: this was one of the things in the gift bag that everyone got for buying a ticket to the shower.  (I ended up selling this on eBay for full price.)

Lotions and Creams:

-Mustella zipper pouch with Dermo-cleansing sample, stretch mark cream and assorted smaller samples

-Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Bottom Butter (full size) and sample

-Mama Mio Lucky Legs

-Laura Geller spackle under make-up primer

-Grandma Minnie’s Mommy coddling all over lotion

-BabyGanics daily lotion

-Eco Store nappy balm

-Simplisse Lanolin-free nipple wipes

-Bio Oil Moisturizing Oil

Stroller Accessories:

-Maclaren insulated stroller bag

-Maclaren reversible stroller seat liner

(I sold both of these items on eBay for almost full value.)


-Tiny Love “Frankie Frog”

-Sassy Freezies Teether

-Lansinoh Momma teether

-Maxi Cosi stroller toy

-Similac black and white picture toy with mirror

-Skip Hop “hug and hide” stroller toy

Breast Feeding:

-Lansinoh nursing pads, breast milk storage bags, nipple cream

-Boppy slipcover

-Simplisse nipple shield, nursing pads, breast milk storage bags, nipple cream

Formula Feeding:

-Enfamil reusable ice pack, insulated bottle bag, infant formula, ready to use newborn and infant formula with nipple


-Evenflo bottle

-two Mam anti-colic bottles

-Dr. Brown’s natural flow bottle

-Born Free Natural Feeding bottle

Sippy Cups:

-two Munchkin trainer cups

-Lansinoh Momma spill proof cup


-Happy Tot squeezable meal and toddler meal bowl

-Revolution Foods organic mashups squeezable fruit

-Ella’s kitchen squeezable meals in 3 flavors and yum yum cookies

-Popchips in 2 flavors

-Earth’s Best organic whole grain rice cereal

-Goji berry cookies

-Adora calcium chocolates

-Duane Reade mixed berry crunchers and strawberry fruit bar

-Nutrabella Belly Bar

-Peeled apple clusters

-Plum Organics teensy fruits

-Late July organic cheddar cheese bites

-Godiva chocolate box

-NurturMe dried organic baby food

Cleaning Supplies & Wipes:

-Lansinoh baby wipes

-Dapple dish liquid

-Eco Store cream cleanser

-Munchkin Arm & Hammer hand and face wipe

-Duane Reade organic hand and face wipe

-Clean Well disinfectant wipes

-BabyGanics face, hand and baby wipes


-Boppy maternity tank

-Diaper Bag Dailies baby tee

Oxo Products:

-Oxo Wipes Dispenser

-Oxo Cleaning Set

Jon and I are particularly smitten with some of the Oxo baby products we’ve seen (not to mention things from their kitchen line that we already use and love) so I was pretty excited about these two items.  The wipes dispenser seems really well designed (rubber no slip bottom, easy open) and is something I would have never bought for myself but am excited to have!


I walked away with eight (yes, eight!!) reusable totes.  And the very next night my small group from church just happened to be making eight care packages for the local shelter which we got to put in these totes instead of plastic grocery bags.  Pretty sure it was meant to be…

Everything else:

-Dapple Baby’s Weekly Log

-Baby Einstein cd and book

-Scooter Magazine slinky

-Oopsy Daisy playing cards 10% off coupon and bib measuring tape

-two Mam pacifiers

-Q-tips cotton swabs

-refrigerator magnet

-stroller tag

-PiyoPiyo bath towel

-Stroller tag

Raffle Wins:

Almost every booth at the event was having some sort of raffle, and at Britax they did live drawings.  I won the Travel Cart and EZ-Cling Window Shades, which they will be mailing to me (thank you for not making me have to lug that home)!  However, I don’t think I’ll actually need these items anytime soon, so I’ll be giving them to a friend who voiced some interest.

A week after I got home from the shower I got a call from J&R Jr. that I had won a gift basket and I should come pick it up.  I didn’t expect much, and I was seriously so excited to see everything that was in it!  I mean, there was a breast pump in there along with everything I think I could possibly need for breast feeding.  This was a major win!

All products listed are Lansinoh:

-Affinity double electric breast pump

-Manual breast pump

-100 disposable breast pads

-Comfort fit flanges

-Hot or cold breast therapy pad

-Breastmilk storage pads

-Soothies gel pads

-Latch assist nipple everter

-Lanolin cream

-Diaper rash ointment

-Baby wipes

-Feeding bottle

-Developmental drink set

-Soft spoon

-Straw cup

-Warm plate

Helpful hints before you go:

-Create a separate email address specifically for the event.  Every vendor you stop at asks for your email, and it’s nice to have one place for all of those emails to go.

-You must go to 20 booths and 1 seminar to get your gift bag.

-Stop at the booths that interest you.  Skip the ones that don’t.  Seems simple, right?  One of the blogs I found made it seem that the more vendors you went to the bigger your gift bag at the end.  Not the case.  No one even looked at my bingo card at the end of the night.  So don’t waste your time on the booths that don’t interest you.

-Bring return address stamps to make filling out raffles easier.  At the very least bring your own pen.

-There is a coat check!  I don’t know why, but I was really nervous that I was going to have to lug my coat around with me all night.  I guess the ladies in LA and Miami wouldn’t have to worry about this one quite as much, but it’s cold here!

-Bring a cross body bag, or something small and lightweight.  You’re going to be getting  a lot of stuff and weaving in and out of crowds.  You don’t need a big purse weighing you down.

-Make sure to find your way to the real food!  There were TONS of sweets there, and it was a bit overload.  Once I found the real food and ate something I felt much better.

-Get to the seminar just a couple of minutes early.  You want to make sure you can get a seat.  After all, the “I’m pregnant and need to sit down” excuse doesn’t really get you a seat in a room where everyone else is also pregnant.

Overall I had a blast at the shower and would definitely recommend it to any mom-to-be.  Now I just have to find somewhere for all of this stuff to go!!!



I was not paid or perked in any way for this review.  I just am hoping that other mommas find it helpful!


  1. Girlfriend you got HOOKED UP! All of that is worth way more than $125 not to mention the prize you won! Amazing!

  2. Maureen in Brooklyn says:

    Wow, that’s quite the haul! And you have the best luck ever! Super jealous! Now I’m really wishing I had gone to that!

  3. thanks much for this! I’m attending the one in SF soon and now know what to expect.

  4. Thanks for this post! It’sexactly what I was searching for. I’m going to the one in San Fransisco next week and am super excited! Luckily, the standard tickets here were much cheaper, and I found a promo code for 20.00 off so that made it even more affordable. It will make up for the hour and a half drive. Did you enjoy the seminars??

    • I only went to one seminar and it was okay, but our seminars weren’t the ones advertised. The NY event had to be rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy, so the original speakers couldn’t make the new date. The one I did attend was still good though!

      I hope you have so much fun!!

  5. Bethany Shondark Mandel says:

    I found this blog post while googling, it convinced me to check it out. Thanks so much!!


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