Brady’s Toy Basket

This weekend I moved all of Brady’s toys from a smaller basket where they were overflowing into the basket I won at the Big City Mom’s Baby Shower.

He’s got this weird phobia where he refuses to take toys out of the basket.  This isn’t some new thing, it’s been going on since he was a puppy.  He’ll poke his nose around his basket and then sit and whine.  And then whine some more.  Oh, and then when you think he’s done he’ll whine a little more.

He flat out refuses to actually take any toys out.

We’re constantly encouraging him to just grab the toys out for himself, but crazy dog always refuses.  If I thought moving his toys into the bigger basket where he’d have easier access to them would solve the problem I was wrong.

I guess there could be worse problems than a dog who likes to keep his toys in their proper place.


  1. I have the opposite problem. When I put all Otto’s toys in his toy basket, he panics and spreads them all over the apartment again. It’s a vicious cycle. Once in a while, I manage to get them cleaned up without waking him from his nap, and then it’s a lovely period of the floors being toy-free…until he wakes up and starts the cycle again.

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