“Nursery” Progress

Since we’re staying in our current apartment when the baby comes, we don’t really have much decorating to do.  Nothing like taking an already small space and adding another roommate to make you realize you really do live in New York.

I’m still not terribly worried.  We’ve got plans to set up the crib in our bedroom and add some storage to the living room.  But it also means that all the “extras” that new moms get for their bundles of joy most likely won’t be making an appearance in our apartment.  I’m trying to decide what’s really necessary versus what you get just because everyone else did.

We decided to skip on the glider.  As much as it would be lovely to have, we couldn’t justify putting another piece of furniture into our apartment.  Instead I’ll use the Eames style rocker we got a couple of years back.  This weekend when we were walking around Ikea looking at different storage options I spotted this faux fur rug and knew immediately that its new home was on my rocking chair.

Well, we might not have a crib or a changing table or a name for this child, but least I have a fuzzy chair to sit on once she arrives.


If anyone is interested, the owl pillow is something Jon picked up years ago on a trip to Denmark.  Is he good or what?


  1. I think the fuzzy rocker is a great start! I’m interested to see what you do or don’t get for the baby– hopefully we’ll be raising a child in our condo in Chicago one of these days, and we’ll be limited on space as well. Also, I love that pillow. Jon has a great eye!

    (also, hi, I don’t think I’ve commented before. I saw your blog on The Nest a while back, thought it was cute, and started popping in occasionally. I love NYC, and blogs about life there. Congratulations on your pregnancy, too!)

  2. Jean Remmert says:

    You make me laugh!

  3. Are you planning to do a full changing table or a pad on a table/dresser?

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