Outtakes: 2012 Edition

Jon and I wanted to try for a slightly simpler card this year, something classic and New York. The Brooklyn Bridge seemed like the perfect place, so we set about finding a date to shoot the photo.

We wanted the photo to be as late as possible in the year before having to send them to the printer so that my belly would be as big as possible. In hindsight we could have taken these photos last year for all it mattered because even though I was five months pregnant when we shot them I have absolutely zero bump. Zero. Whatever, let’s move on.

The date we chose just happened to be the weekend after Hurricane Sandy hit. It didn’t really seem like the storm would affect our photos since the power had been restored to lower Manhattan at this point.

We got up at 5am to get to the bridge by sunrise. We figured sunrise was the only time that we could shoot these without having a million other people also in the photo.

Except we didn’t take into account that there was no subway service from Brooklyn to Manhattan. So all the Brooklynites that would normally be on the subway at 6am were walking the Brooklyn Bridge. MAJOR oversight on our part. The bridge was packed. People biking, running and walking from one side of the bridge to the other…

The next oversight we had was Brady related. We didn’t let him run or get any energy out before we shot the photo, so all the extra stimulation on the bridge made him go crazy. He would not for the life of us sit down for a photo.

Our camera takes 10 consecutive photos and then stops, but it was never until we got to photo 10 that we could even get Brady turned around and facing the camera.

I vowed then and there to never try to take the photos alone ever again. It’s so much more helpful to have someone hitting the shutter and calling Brady’s name to look at the camera.

I didn’t think it could get more difficult than trying to shoot a photo on a boat, but apparently it can. Just throw in a hyper dog, a hurricane, a downed subway system and you’ve got yourself one very difficult photo op.

Can’t wait to see how fun it is to shoot with a baby thrown in the mix next year.


  1. I love those outtakes! And I love how Jon basically looks exactly the same in every single one, while you’re wrangling Brady. Cute!

  2. I’m quite impressed with your final picture considering all of the distractions while shooting! It turned out great!

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