Five Years Ago…

I was in New Zealand visiting my sister for her wedding.  With the help of my parents, Jon flew over, surprised me and proposed on the beach in Otaki.  I can’t think of another time someone has been able to keep a big surprise from me, so the fact that he managed to fly around the world (with a ring in his pocket) without me having any idea is still impressive.

On our first free day back in New Zealand, Jon surprised me by taking me back to the beach where he’d proposed five years ago.  We had such a fantastic day, walking along the beach, enjoying lunch and strolling through the small town.

It’s crazy to look back at all that has happened to us since the last time we stood on that beach.  A wedding, a dog, multiple apartments and now a baby on the way.

I’m such a lucky girl that I’ve gotten to experience it all with Jon by my side.


  1. I love all of your recent posts from your trip. Meeting Siena must have you and Jon even more excited to meet your little lady! Happy Holidays!

  2. Debbie Ball says:

    Ah … beautiful post! This made me cry!! Good pictures of both of you! Sorry we didn’t have time to really ‘visit’. Hope you both got through today okay … I’m sure it will be early to bed tonight! Hugs!

  3. HOW AMAZING! I didn’t know that story. How beautiful!

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