Sea Shepherd

While we were in Wellington, we were lucky enough to get a tour of the Sea Shepherd‘s ship, the “Bob Barker”.  I realize this probably isn’t interesting to the large majority of people reading this, but for Jon, my parents and myself it was a real highlight of the trip.

We’d first heard about the Sea Shepherd on their Animal Planet show Whale Wars.  The show documents the crew of the Sea Shepherd’s fleet of boats as they try to put an end to Japanese whaling.

My dad first start watching years ago, and then got Jon hooked as well.  Seeing that we only have one television, I had to watch whenever Jon did.  It wasn’t long until I too started cheering on the crew of the Sea Shepherd.

You should have seen our excitement when we randomly stumbled upon the ship docked in Wellington.  We were seriously giddy to get the opportunity to meet these heroes and tour the ship.

I never thought I’d get so excited to meet the cast of an Animal Planet show.  But it was pretty awesome.

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