Week 30

Happy New Years!

Brady’s thrilled, can’t you tell?

I can’t believe 2013 is already here.  The year baby girl will make her appearance.  And in only ten weeks.  TEN WEEKS??

We still have nothing physically prepared for her, but I did sign up for birth classes, a hospital tour and to meet a pediatrician.  I also increased our insurance plan to the “premium” plan and started putting money into a health flex spending account, in addition to upping my contribution to my 401k.

It might not be a cute crib skirt or “coming home from hospital outfit” but at least we’re getting prepared in other ways, right?

But seriously, what is she gonna wear home from the hospital?


  1. Debbie Ball says:

    How about the cute little sleeper we gave you for Christmas? Seriously, she will want to be more “dolled up” than that! Maybe we should have a “bring baby’s going-home-from-the-hospital outfit” contest as part of the baby shower!!

  2. Great idea Debbie! I’m in! I think Baby Girl should come home in some kind of “Glitter!”

  3. Happy New Year! Love the dress. Now we all know that her mother will share her skills as a fashion diva so beyond the glitter will be the hair band, tiny shoes, baby jewelry, and of course the cutest outfit to be found!


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