Home Again, Home Again

totally casual over the shoulder glance

We’re officially back in New York, adjusted to the time zone and back to work.  However, I still have a ton of photos to share from our trip, so looks like you’ll be getting to see those a while longer.  But really, it’s better than looking at photos of what I did today which was take a nap and watch tv.

Our flights home were nothing short of unpleasant.  We ended up being delayed a day because our first flight (of three) was canceled due to fog.  Which of course meant we missed our two connecting flights.  We went from having exit row seats on our 13 hour flight to being sandwiched in the middle seats in a row of four.  Painful.

We then enjoyed a six hour layover before a re-route from Philadelphia to Baltimore, all on Christmas Eve of course.  Instead of getting in and having a couple days to recover from jet lag we got in at 3am Christmas morning, picked up Brady in Pennsylvania, drove back to New York and were back to work the next day.

I keep telling people the worst part about traveling wasn’t the being super pregnant part, it was the traveling that far with long layovers and being sandwiched in middle seats.

Luckily the Brady snuggles we got upon our return were pretty awesome.

the look back

love the "lost" graffiti in the top right


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